What are your questions?

Inquire within

This blog is an opportunity for us to explore and dialogue about what we don’t know yet. A place to grapple with what is not yet born. On the quest of my yogic journey, I have found asking questions extremely fruitful as a way of better understanding my life, the wider world, and what I am called to do. Here are some quotes that have spurred me to action over the years.

“Questions are sacred. Keep asking better questions.”

Carrie Newcomer (singer, songwriter and author)

“The important thing is never to stop questioning.”
Albert Einstein

“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

“Who can by stillness, little by little
Make what is troubled grow clear?
Who can by movement, little by little
Make what is still grow quick?”
Tao Te Ching, verse 15 (translated by Ursula Le Guin)

What are the questions waking you up and leading you on today?

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One Comment:

Dr. Edith Eger is a psychologist who survived Aushwitz and is now in her nineties. She is the author of The Choice: Embrace the Possible. (This link takes you to a quote on her Facebook page.) Dr. Eger says“I always believe it is best to stay curious, as that keeps us wondering what will happen next.

That made me think of your blog entries about the importance of questions, in this case the question, “What will happen next?” During the current pandemic, it seems to me that it’s important to shift from asking that question from an attitude of dread, to asking it from an attitude of hope.

I want to answer four overlapping questions each day:

1) What am I curious about today?
2) What gives me hope today?
3) For what am I grateful?
4) What can I do today to make someone’s life better?

Thank you, Judith, for pointing out the importance of questions.