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What are your questions?

Inquire within

This blog is an opportunity for us to explore and dialogue about what we don’t know yet. A place to grapple with what is not yet born. On the quest of my yogic journey, I have found asking questions extremely fruitful as a way of better understanding my life, the wider world, and what I am called to do. Here are some quotes that have spurred me to action over the years. 

How Do You Say?

I am walking at Lake Johnson at 5:45 this morning. It is a beautiful spring day with pink clouds just beginning to form. I have the lake, trees and blue heron all to myself, so I’m not wearing my mask. I walk for ten, fifteen minutes and never see a soul.

Then in the far distance I hear, then see, the caravan of seven men walking towards me in twos and threes. …

Why ask questions?

“Judith, stop asking so many questions.” I still hear the voices of teachers, headmistresses, the butcher, my ballet teacher, my girl-guide leader. 

“Stop thinking so much. Curiosity killed the cat. Go outside and play.”
“But Mummy,”  I’d ask. “Why can’t I …”
“Because you can’t.”
“Why not?”
“Because it’s not possible.”
“Why not?”

How Do We Talk About Race?

Race relations have emerged as a key issue in 2020, affecting all our lives. It can be difficult for us to discern the best approaches for educating ourselves around racial issues. Which books, podcasts, articles, and sources to trust?  And what exactly am I supposed to “do?” 

How can our yoga help us grapple and grow? Yoga helps us get centered and stay present amidst the challenges and discomforts of change. …

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