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"Judith is a natural, one of the most gifted teachers I have ever experienced.  Judith is compassionate, spirited, funny, attentive to her students and intuitive about their needs. She breaks down each pose, explains its benefits, and makes sure our bodies are in proper alignment. I leave each class feeling restored, energized, centered, cheerful, and grateful." — Kim Church, writer

"I have been taking this class for twelve years. I not only find it relaxing and centering, but it helps improve my balance, flexibility, and physical strength. It helps my outlook on the world too!"  Jon, Manager

"The Strengthening class is so invigorating. I feel empowered in yoga and my life since I started taking it. I can focus better on my work." — April, College student

Web Site Photos JV-3"I will be 68 years old at my next birthday. At my recent annual exam, my physician remarked at my flexibility and strength, at the healthy “plumpness” of my spinal discs and my good blood pressure. He exclaimed, “It must be the YOGA that is keeping you in such good shape for your age”. — Penny, Dental Practice Administrator

"Your classes are invaluable. The yoga has all but eliminated my insomnia. It has reduced the tension and stress in my body and calmed my mind. I have also found an increase in body strength and flexibility. I love being challenged with the new & different poses in the Strengthening class." — Kristen, Accountant

"I feel so good when I do this gentle yoga… more inner strength and confidence. I like the non-judgmental, non-competitive atmosphere." — Virginia, Policy Analyst

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"A perfect balance of physical challenge and serenity. Judith adapts the yoga to each individual’s abilities and limitations. It is so important to be able to go at my own pace and know I’m supported." — Allie, Administrative Assistant

"Your class has been a blessing to me this year – a sanctuary where I find peace and groundedness. An oasis of tranquility."  — Melanie, Attorney

"Thank you Judith. who teaches and inspires us to learn to be present and mindful, balanced and centered, strong and flexible – in body, mind and spirit. Every day I give thanks for my good health and my strong body." — Penny

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