Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I need to bring to class?
Just yourself. If you would like to bring your own mat, please do. 

What do I need to wear?
Easy-to-move-in comfy exercise clothes.

Can I eat before class?
Best to practice on an empty stomach. A snack an hour or two before class is ideal. 

How long are the classes?
90 minutes.

What is included in a typical class?
Easy poses to start, some flowing yoga, strengthening and balancing poses, breathing exercises, deep relaxation. Easy-to-follow instruction throughout.

What do students say about the classes?
You can read student testimonials on this website and also at Google reviews

When do classes meet?
There are six regular classes per week from which to choose. Please see schedule

Where are the classes?
Two convenient locations in Raleigh:

      North Raleigh                                            Cameron Village
      Temple Beth Or                                           Friends Meeting House
      5315 Creedmoor Road                                 625 Tower Street

                                              Map of Classes

How much are classes?
Tuition for the 9 weekly classes is $135. Start any time during the session and your tuition will be pro-rated. Ask Judith the exact cost depending upon when you begin.

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Can I try a class before I commit to signing up?
You are welcome to a free trial class. Please contact Judith
(919-233-9777 or

Can I start classes in the middle of a session?
Yes. Your tuition will be pro-rated.

How do I sign up for classes? 
Register here.  If you have not attended a class before, its best to email or call Judith before your first class.

How do I pay?
You can pay with cash or check in class. Credit card payment is available at the beginning of each session.

If I miss a class or two, can I make them up?
Yes, you may attend a different class any time during the current session.

What if…
     …I’ve never done yoga before?
     …I’m not flexible?
     …I have an injury?
     …I’m overweight?
No problem! These are common situations. Judith’s classes are mixed ability and mixed age. Let Judith know about any of these issues before class so she can better assist you. She will help you modify poses as needed.  She will support you in having a safe, positive and successful yoga experience.

What should I do if the weather turns bad?
If you are registered for a class, you will receive emails with updates and cancellation information.

What is your cancellation policy? 
A refund, minus a $25 processing fee, is available until 7 days after the first class. No refunds thereafter. No credit carried forward to future sessions. 

How early should I arrive?
Please arrive 10 minutes before class to settle in. If you are a new student, please arrive 15 minutes before your first class, so Judith can orient you.

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What is Judith’s teaching style?
Supportive and encouraging. Judith focuses on students working at their own level and pace. She demonstrates and teaches good posture and correct alignment. She explains how the poses are helpful for the body and mind. She works respectfully with students’ injuries and physical limitations. Judith adds more physical challenge in the strengthening classes. Check out our Google reviews, which is a great source for personal experiences on Judith’s Teaching Style!

What kind of yoga does Judith teach?
Judith Valerie Yoga is an integrated, eclectic blend of yoga that Judith has evolved over 35 years. It is strongly influenced by training and certifications in Kripalu yoga, White Lotus vinyasa flow yoga and Iyengar yoga. Classes and workshops can also weave in classical hatha yoga, Vini-yoga, Integral yoga, yoga for bone-strengthening and yoga for balancing mood (depression and anxiety.) Judith Valerie Yoga gratefully embraces the many diverse and complementary types of yoga in America today.

Do you have any yoga resources you recommend?
Yes. Check out our Resources page.

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